As most of you know, I am currently living abroad in England and studying with Youth With A MissionI am a trainee, apart of their 9-month, intensive Biblical studies school called the School of Biblical Studies (I’ve written more about this school HERE). And we’ve sure come a long way since the last post I wrote on here. In my last post, we had only gotten through 6 books. Now, we have finished studying the entire New Testament (except for Revelation, which we will be studying last) and are 4 books into the Old Testament. We finished up Numbers last week and will be starting on the book of Deuteronomy this next week. That’s 30 books of the Bible. Wow. We’re almost half-way through and, let me tell ya, it’s been so so so GOOD. Busy, stressful, mind-blowing, hard, and tiring, but GOOD.  Continue reading “Just…WOW.”


what if you started believing you were beautiful?

My darling, what if you started believing you were beautiful?

How would your world change? What in your life would shift out of darkness and into light? Continue reading “what if you started believing you were beautiful?”

the girl behind the words.

Hey there! I’m Michaela Joy, and you’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the internet.

First and foremost you must know of the one constant love of my life.

His name is Jesus Christ, and He has so radically transformed every part of who I am. He is my relentless pursuer and life-giver. He is my solid rock in the messy storm of my struggles and sin. His overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love is seriously the best thing. He is the one ‘person’ I absolutely can’t live without.

Along with this, I am an avid literary enthusiast, currently and always tucked away somewhere warm and cozy with a book. Coffee is my life-giving juice of choice, although  I am also quite fond of tea; a result of living in England for an extended period of time. Writing is my passion and my dream. With a book in one hand, a journal or laptop will be in the other. Nice pens, book smells, and leather journals are my common fetish.

Exploring and traveling have become my incurable addiction (see also: coffee). The first adventure happened, and now I am incapable of staying home for too long. My God and persistent curiosity have taken me many places in this world, and that’s not ending anytime soon. The term fernweh truly embodies my daily thoughts and actions.

I also dabble here and there in photography, exercise (i.e. running, hiking, & soccer), website/marketing development, exploring, and nerdy book & musical fandom things (i.e. Throne of Glass, Harry Potter, Hamilton, Newsies, etc…). My music loves of choice range from Ed Sheeran to Bethel to Twenty One Pilots to Hamilton to NF. It’s a weird variety.

As I began, lets bring this back to my main man; the reason I’m here and the reason I write. His heart, truth, & promises are interwoven in the words written here, as every single syllable, every single word, is inspired by Him. I pray that this is the most prevalent thing to you as you read what I share. May His loving presence radiate from this place to reach the depths of your heart.


Michaela Joy ❤